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Should Zone-Specific Tagging be allowed?
11 votes

Related, I was thinking it would be great if the user name / avatar / badge count section that appears next to every answer and question also included some geographic information about where the user ...

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Is it on topic to ask for the name of a plant?
Accepted answer
5 votes

Yes it is on topic, but it is very difficult to give a specific variety name. There's a strong chance your aloes don't have one - aloes hybridize easily. It would be like me trying to find a name for ...

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Should the tag "bulbs" relate to things like Springtime flowers or root vegetables?
3 votes

The onion is a bulb - as is garlic, wild onion (not all of which are edible, so are these your springtime bulbs?), etc. There are quite a few edible plants grown as ornamentals and vice versa. There ...

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Is the 'gardening' tag going to be too broad?
3 votes

Yes 'gardening' struck me as being too broad as well. However I don't think 'landscaping' is. So far landscaping questions are in a minority.

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No hard landscaping questions?
1 votes

As yoda says, such questions are often more appropriate for DIY. The same applies for hose pipe questions - we've moved some over as they are more plumbing (how do I fix my hosepipe faucet was one I ...

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