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Is a sprinkler/pest question on topic?
15 votes

I think it's on topic. Full disclosure though, it's my question. :) The question pertains to maintaining my garden. I would also argue that installation and maintenance of sprinkler systems is an ...

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Tag needed for "what's wrong with my plant, here are the symptoms" type questions
Accepted answer
12 votes

For questions like this, I think diagnosis would be good. In essence, the user is requesting a diagnosis when posting a question like this.

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General Sprinkler questions welcome here?
6 votes

This is definitely a plumbing question. In my opinion, it is related to gardening...but getting a response from gardeners in this realm gives you no unique insight that a plumber would not have. In ...

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Do general tool question belong here?
6 votes

I disagree that this question should have been closed. Questions related to owning, using and/or maintaining the tools used to garden and landscape should be on topic in gardening and landscaping Q ...

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