I have been in the landscaping industry for over 25 years, gardening in USDA zone 8a. Mostly working in residential maintenance and small projects. In addition to running a small business, I am the part-time director of Streissguth Gardens, a one acre public garden in Seattle, WA.

My interests in landscaping range from plant id, to database/GIS management of both public and private gardens. Additionally, I have a special passion for irrigation.

If anyone is the process of taking a private garden and opening it to the public email me (firstname@lastname.com) and we can chat, especially if you're in Wa, Or, or BC.

In my spare time I'm often found (mostly lurking) on the StackOverflow site looking for programming tips as I try my hand at Ruby-on-Rails programming, and the one on GIS as I explore that vast world.

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