I think it should be deleted and the 3 questions edited with the correct tag.


Because all pots are containers, but not all containers are pots, I tend to agree. The tag for pots should be a synonym for the tag containers.


Why not let the community decide? I've suggested the tag potted-plants as a synonym of the tag container-gardening, so users with 5 or more reputation in the container-gardening tag (see all six users who currently qualify) can vote on whether or not it is a good synonym. -2 votes will delete the suggestion, +4 votes will approve it. I replaced it back ...


Thanks for pointing that out. I've merged the tags (since they mean exactly the same thing), which automatically creates a synonym so any future attempts to use pest will get the pests instead.


Theoretically you can germinate fungal spores and bacteria as well as seeds from plants. If you only go by the definition then germination includes everything seed starting implies and a little more. The only thing seed starting has going for it is that it is more recognizable to the user base as I believe there are less users who use germination as their ...


I'd argue that the "chili" tag (how'd you do that anyway) is useful in that some people, myself included, are only interested in chilis. As such it would be frustrating to have to filter through various sweet pepper posts just to find chili posts under a general "pepper" tag.

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