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You're right, it did break on FF and I fixed it now. It looks fine on FF and Safari and Chrome. Normally I give a little bit of wiggle room for the images, but this time I made it a little too much of a tight fit, and that might've pushed it to the next line in FF. Sorry about that and please let me know if it looks OK to you now. I resize images and ...


I assume you're using Firefox, as that's the only browser I could reproduce this issue with. Yet another instantiation of a little Firefox peculiarity with regard to floats. Fixed in the next build.


Here's a userscript that provides an improved upload dialog with resizing/linking options.


I thought it had been fixed but it hasn't. It's not visible for me in Chrome and IE, but in FF7 I still see this problem and I know why now. See and The hover image for "Questions" gets the very top line of pixels from the background ...


Crikey, Lisa, that's hard to see. But you're right. But your monitor and colour settings must be set to show it stronger than mine for it to be annoying, or even generally noticeable, I have to say.


You must either have a very good eye or a very good monitor (or both!). I had to strain my eyes to see it on my monitor. In any case, all the beta sites get this "sketchy" theme, which deliberately looks like a rough, hastily done, imperfect looking theme to indicate that the site is "under construction". As such, I believe this is status-bydesign. However, ...

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