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In my opinion, new users (so easy to search) are more important than history, so I would include tags, so we can check easier related questions. Already now with edits, some answer and comments seems out of context, but I don't see this as a big problem.


The seed-starting tag is a synonym for germination (along with germinating), so if you try to use it, the system will remap it to germination automatically. If you click through the seed-starting link, you'll see that it shows "germination" at the top right (perhaps not the most obvious place to put it, admittedly). The list of synonyms is also available ...


This rule is in place so that newer users who don't have much rep (who usually don't know the site well) can't just edit all they want. You get full editing privileges at 1,000 reputation, so only users with 1,000 or higher can edit without having to suggest and get approved. The limit on how little you can change a post before you get the editing privilege ...

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