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My impression is that trimming is done on softer, newer growth, and pruning is done on stiffer, older growth, with bark, or branches, and stuff. You'll note that you don't prune your lawn. Trim is sometimes used as a synonym for prune (correctly or not), but the reverse doesn't seem true: Trimming might refer to a small amount of pruning, though. Trimming ...


While I'm at first inclined to say, no, it's not on-topic on G&L, the presence of hookworms in the soil could be a problem just as much as say, yellow jackets (and not just for pets). However, hookworms probably aren't something people usually think about in a gardening and landscaping context, since they don't typically interfere with gardening and ...


My first impulse is to say off topic, as explained below, but I invite the community to chime in. We have in the past for example accepted questions on mosquito control (with some prior discussion and controversy), but decided that they are just this side of the fence because it’s both a very common problem, affecting the way gardeners use their garden and ...


Pots is already a synonym of containers so it only looks like it is a separate tag. I don't think there is any way to show all the synonyms that exist in tags so it is hard to tell

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