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Should [botany] and [botanics] tags be merged?

Is there any significant difference between the terms of botany and botanics? There are two tags for these two terms with a couple of questions tagged with each. The questions "What kind of ...
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1 vote
1 answer

Discussion about merging [led] tag into [grow-lamp] tag

I think the tag led is to specific on its own and could be merged into grow-lamp which is a general naming that could involve LED, HPS and other grow lamp/grow light related questions. Currently there ...
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1 vote
2 answers

Renaming of [Sansevieria] tag to [Snake-plants] due to its reclassification

Currently there are 22 questions tagged with sansevieria and as I have stumbled upon some dracaena (71 questions tagged) tagged questions I started to wonder if we want to address the reclassification ...
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2 votes
1 answer

Is it useful to retag questions for identified species? [duplicate]

I see that the Identification tag is very popular on GL. My opinion is that retagging with the identified species could help users to avoid posting duplicate questions. For example, if someone wants ...
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8 votes
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Should we retag identification questions once they're answered?

We have a lot of identification questions now, and I wonder: would it would be useful to retag these with the identified plant/pest/disease when this has been determined? For example, this question ...
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3 votes
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Damp Tag Useful?

Is the damp tag necessary? I don't feel it's very resourceful or descriptive. I couldn't see anyone showing interested in subscribing or/utilizing the damp tag. In the context of the one question ...
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