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Should there be a requirement to demonstrate previous research on questions (in particular for `identification` questions)?

Looking for [identification] is:q currently finds 3,115 questions. But [identification] is:q plantnet eliminates all but 5. Many other .SE sites require a demonstration of previous research for each ...
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Identify these trees in the USA?

I have a question about my Gardening & Landscaping Stack Exchange post: Identify these trees in the USA? How ought Identify these trees in the USA? to be "more focused"? Do I need to ...
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For id questions: Why should I tell where in the world a plant is growing?

When I ask for plant identifications, I often get a comment that I should add where the plant can be found. I don’t want to tell everyone on the Internet where I live. Can’t I just give the ...
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Are mushroom identification questions in scope?

Are mushroom identification questions in scope? Let's assume the question may or may not be in the context of a person's garden or soft landscaping project. I notice too there is a dead mycology ...
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Should we retag identification questions once they're answered?

We have a lot of identification questions now, and I wonder: would it would be useful to retag these with the identified plant/pest/disease when this has been determined? For example, this question ...
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How to ask plant identification questions

This site will have a lot of plant identification questions. Please post your entries for common terms and phrases used to identify and describe plants below. Then, edit this post to provide links ...
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