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7 votes
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When help is not helpful

It is very common for users not to understand how to upload a picture. One the reasons might be that if you search in help for picture you get no results. If you are willing to search for image the ...
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5 votes
1 answer

Please clarify the 'What topics can I ask about here?' section of the help center

I would like to have this: identification, diagnosis or management of plant diseases, pests, or weeds, changed to reflect on our scope of identifying. It only includes diseases, pests, and ...
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5 votes
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Should we change the order of things in the Asking section of the Help Center?

In our quest to improve the quality of questions, especially from newcomers, I wonder if we should change the order of categories in the Asking section of the Help Center. I especially think moving up ...
3 votes
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Can we ban questions on earth science in the help center?

This question is triggered by the recent 'Why is the soil so black on constuction site'. Can we make it clear in the help center that this type of question is not a good fit to Gardening & ...
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