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2 answers

GL SE logo and 'beta' status

Is it true that GL SE can't have its logo as long as it has 'beta' status? (I know that there were several related questions before, but none of them are as specific as this question, and some of ...
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4 votes
3 answers

How can we fix the bad hover image (on Questions link in meta and main)?

When you hover over "Questions" (in both main and meta) there is a tiny little yellow (or grey) line that shouldn't be there down the bottom, which irritates the graphical pedant in me. How to fix? I'...
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6 votes
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Can the red/green color combination for an accepted answer (in the reputation tab) be changed? [closed]

When someone accepts an answer, the total rep for that answer shows up in my profile (in the reputation tab) as a red box with green text inside. This is extremely hard to read and is a strain on the ...
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