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Are questions about eliminating parasites on topic?

I'm a mod on Pets.SE and we've got a new question Eliminate Ancylostoma caninum from garden. Gardening and pest control are off-topic on Pets, so I'm wondering if this question would be accepted here. ...
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Is posting a LOT of identification questions appropriate?

I've just moved into a new house with a garden. Woohoo! It's about 7m x 15m with a lot of borders, all of which are heavily overgrown. I've started to go through the borders weeding them, but I ...
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For identification, please only post one plant per question, and be specific when asking!

We always ask that when you post an identification question, you only ask about one particular plant type in that post. Be specific! This allows answers to be much less vague - especially if it's a ...
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Questions about history of cultivation

Is it ok to ask questions on this site about the history of cultivation of a certain plant? If not, is there any other SE website more appropriate for that? The question I have in mind is: "How did ...
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Where should I ask a question about a tree that was found on a trail but could be in a yard?

I'm seeking information about what appears to be a severe problem affecting the bark of two trees, which I think are birches. The trees were found by my husband on a hike in the woods, but they don't ...
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How do some questions get 1000's of views vs. other's are in the 10's

I am not sure how many users are on Gardening & Landscape but I see that some questions get 1000's of views and others are in the low 10's or 100's at best. Where do these 1000's of views come ...
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How can we improve quality in the [identification] tag?

The identification tag is the most widely used one on the site (as I write, there are 294 questions using it, and 200 for the next most popular, trees). However, many of them are little more than the ...
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Medical Marijuana [duplicate]

I read a couple of posts about the legality and so on related to growing marijuana but I don't think they were specific to the fact that in many states, including California, consumption and even ...
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Should question titles (and some content) be expected to use globally-applicable season names?

I keep coming across questions where I'm not sure if the season being discussed is winter or summer, or autumn or spring, because the questioner (or answerer if it's in an answer) has assumed that ...
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Should good answers contain references?

One of my advice questions was answered without references given, and I can only assume it's anecdotal. Is it expecting too much on this site to ask/expect people to provide references to back up ...
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Are questions about birds and other animals in your garden on topic?

I'm thinking questions about maintaining a yard friendly to birds attracting different species of birds to your garden keeping birds from nesting in places in your garden keeping specific types of ...
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Are plant identification questions ok?

I have some photos of a weed that I'm having trouble identifying. Is that a valid question?
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