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Should we actively encourage users who post an answer to verify their answer with links to web sites or photos?

User benn's answer to this question What-plant-is-this-does-anyone-know-name was fine and appears to be correct, but he provided no corroboration for his answer. In the comments, he states that he's ...
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Medical Marijuana [duplicate]

I read a couple of posts about the legality and so on related to growing marijuana but I don't think they were specific to the fact that in many states, including California, consumption and even ...
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6 votes
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Should question titles (and some content) be expected to use globally-applicable season names?

I keep coming across questions where I'm not sure if the season being discussed is winter or summer, or autumn or spring, because the questioner (or answerer if it's in an answer) has assumed that ...
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Referrals to local experts

In a comment on this answer Mike Perry says: Rightly or wrongly, I am under the impression that one or two here don't like me directing people away from this site for answers [...] In what ...
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Should answers that look like questions be deleted because of form?

(Full disclosure: I have a horse in this race; I think the answer is 'no, but'.) An answer of mine was closed because a moderator thought it was a clarifying question. However, it was really a ...
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