I have a question about my Gardening & Landscaping Stack Exchange post: Identify these trees in the USA?

How ought Identify these trees in the USA? to be "more focused"? Do I need to post a new question for each tree in the pic?

Jurp unwarrantedly claimed that

This looks like a school assignment. I vote to close.

This is NOT a school assignment. This picture is mine. I am not in school. What on earth kind of school assignment would ask a question like mine???

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While the commenter could have phrased it more friendly, we do get “solve my homework” questions that occasionally look similar, although the photo quality is usually bette, and the closure is justified.

Yes, we expect one question per plant you want to identify. We also expect that we can actually see sufficient details for an identification and your photo is very blurry, which means even if you narrow the scope down to one, I see no leaves, stems, bark… that would allow our community to give you precise answers except perhaps a rough guesstimate for the palms.

For identification questions, there’s a quite extensive guidance on what details should be included in the question to make sure that it’s answerable correctly and with precision. You should have been shown a specific screen when you used the “identification” tag, a mechanism we implemented to help new users.

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