Is there any significant difference between the terms of and ? There are two tags for these two terms with a couple of questions tagged with each.

The questions "What kind of Dieffenbachia is this?" with and "Can you identify this blooming plant?" with seems quite overlapping.

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The word botanics seems to be used in different contexts.

  1. as a synonym for Botany, the study of plants. The Free Dictionary
  2. The singular word, botanic, is considered an adjective of botany by Wikipedia
  3. botanical is defined as "a substance obtained or derived from a plant" by Merriam Webster

English being such a malleable language I believe that it is acquiring a new context as a short form of botanicals. Boots, the English drugstore, has a line of plant based products and there are other retailers trying to capitalize on this.

Given that none of the questions tagged as botanics use this context I have merged botanics and botany. The tool for this indicates that

Remember that caching of question lists may make it look like the tag still exists after the merge, but it doesn't!

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