There is a category of Q which asks for help identifying the cause of a problem, here's three examples:

Some of my ferns have brown spots on the tips of their leaves. What causes that?

Why did the stem suddenly weaken in my oriental poppy?

What is this white growth on my cactus?

I think these are an important category for the site, because they're real questons, they're interesting, potentially difficult, and (I like to think) attractive and challenging for experts to answer.

So do does this category need a tag of its own?

The last example is tagged which is OK but which is a valuable tag in its own right for tagging "What is this plant?" type questions. And that's a different type of question.

What about ? or ? or ? or ? or (bit long)?

would be another possibility but sometimes if we have a failing plant we don't know if it's disease or pest or environment.


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For questions like this, I think would be good. In essence, the user is requesting a diagnosis when posting a question like this.

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    ok i'll dip my toe in the water with a retag Jun 12, 2011 at 8:30
  • and a tag wiki edit Jun 12, 2011 at 14:51

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