I see that when I search for something on Google and it starts with "how to", there are a lot of suggestions like:

  • how to prune xyz?
  • how to germinate xyz?
  • how to take cuttings from xyz?
  • how to grow xyz?

Would this tag help us to get on top of Google results? We have many interesting questions and answers on this topics in GL and I understand that retagging would be time-consuming.

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    Hi Alina! This doesn't answer the question, but, like @J. Musser showed with an example of his, your own questions come up easily too. For instance, search "What's wrong with my Dypsis lutescens?" and this comes up third. Even just googling "Which Fenestraria?" brings up this question of yours fifth. See what an awesome impact you're having! Mar 10, 2017 at 1:05
  • You are right, Sue. Thanks!
    – Alina
    Mar 10, 2017 at 12:40

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Each tag needs to cover a specific topic, just like they do now. Tags including 'how-to' would just confuse things and only minimally boost our prominence. And I do see our material quite often in google searches. For example if you search for something about Aloe vera blooming, this one is near the top of the first page. Those things are good to see.

The title and body of the post are also very important in a google search, so remember that when you're writing a question, and be sure to include all the relevant keywords.

I would say, no, don't change the tags.

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