We have tag. And we have an tag. Obviously Sprinkler systems are a subset of irrigation, but there are 28 Sprinkler-system tags and 24 Irrigation tags.

Complicating things further, I expect Sprinklers and Sprinkler-systems are a more readily apparent terms to relatively new gardeners than irrigation is. I expect the proper course would be to re-tag all the Sprinkler questions, but frankly I don't want to go through 28 edits right now to fix this, and I'd rather not push all those old questions to the front page with edits either. Also, should Sprinkler-system be made a synonym for Irrigation?

  • For me irrigation is flood irrigation. That's what I use. Well, I also use drip irrigation (is that a sprinkler system?). I have no lawn and therefor no sprinkler system. Anyway sprinkler-system is really a subset. So you should probably tag all sprinkler system tags with irrigation tags. Hey, is hand-watering irrigation? Nov 26 '15 at 16:00

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