The only previous discussions I can find about legal questions here are ones asking about questions involving growing illegal plants/drugs.

But what I would like to clarify, is whether or not questions asking about legal matters involving plants are on-topic or not.

For example a question asked last year about what is needed to ship plants in the US:

And a closed, question about the US State laws regarding growing a plant:

And a question about the availability of an herbicide in one US state:

Are legal questions on-topic here?

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Great question! There is no point in asking questions about interpretation of aspects of the law:

  • laws regarding plants change from city to state/province to country.
  • plant laws are often part of overlapping jurisdictions at any level of government. For example: Food and Drug department says yes, Agriculture says no, Environment is not sure
  • plant laws change and answers become outdated. Marijuana laws are an example of this.

With legal questions the answer usually seems to be "It depends". This does not make a good topic to be answered if the objective is a definitive answer that has enduring value.

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