Should tags of nouns be plural or singular?

Real example: pumpkin vs. pumpkins

If the answer is: "Doesn't Matter", then do we connect the singular and plural versions as synonyms?

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Plurals sounds more fitting.

Even if the question mentions the singular, or talks about a single instance, you'll want to group that with other questions on the same topic. And you'll be referring to the plural form to do so.

Read the difference:

The ear and eye just wants to go with the latter.


This was discussed on meta.cooking, here's some of what I've found revisiting it:

Plural vs. Non Plural

  • Plural should have preference unless a collective noun is more appropriate.

  • To make it easier to think about, use the tag in this sentence: "this question is about [tag-name]". It's obvious that "cookies" is better than "cookie". However, it's not so clear that "avocados" is better than "avocado".


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