I would like to have this:

  • identification, diagnosis or management of plant diseases, pests, or weeds,

changed to reflect on our scope of identifying. It only includes diseases, pests, and weeds, while we also will identify trees, shrubs, flowers, wildflowers, houseplants. and other things.

This post is mostly the result of this meta post on biology.se, where there is some confusion as to what's on-topic identification-wise there as well as here.

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At the risk of making the "on-topic" list too long to be easily digestible, I'd split that bullet point into two: one for identification and one for diagnosis/treatment of problems.

As you've noted, we welcome lots of plant identification questions, though some types I don't see as being completely appropriate — seaweed or lichen, for example — since they wouldn't be part of a typical garden, or would be something that you'd want to remove rather than cultivate — mosses in a lawn being an obvious candidate here.

I don't see animal identification as belonging here, except in the context of the animal affecting the garden in some way, in which case it would also fall under pest control:

My suggested wording for the "identification" bullet:

  • identification of plants — trees, shrubs, flowers, wildflowers — cultivated or growing in the garden or as a houseplant, or of animals that are affecting your garden or houseplants.

With identification handled separately, the other bullet point would address the "problem" aspects of the original wording:

  • gardening problems such as diagnosis and management of plant diseases and pests or methods for controlling weeds.

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