I made a post asking for topic ideas for the challenge, and the highest scoring suggestion is for .

So, we're going to build our base of terminology questions. These can be closer to

What is the term for [behaviour]?

like Why are strawberries cooled before planting, and what is a term for this procedure?, or more like

What does [term] mean?

an example of that could be What is a perched water table?

Please use the tag when posting questions for this challenge, and remember to keep the site quality at a good level.

Next week, on November 10, I will tally up the results to see how we did, in an answer below this post. Feedback? Comment below this post or find me in our chat room. Have fun!

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    This is a great opportunity to improve and establish the question-answer base of Gardening & Landscaping! Will definitely try to ask a few questions or two later the week :)
    – Unihedron
    Nov 3, 2014 at 16:53

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