There was one question earlier today on thinning fruit trees, and was tagged . Since the primary purpose of tags is for archival purposes and easy access to information, I suggest making such tags more general, like . The reason is that there's bound to be questions on pruning, fertilizing, etc and it will be easy for a new comer to find all this information under one tag.

Would it be better to have both tags, i.e., the general tag and a more specific tag? What do you guys think?

I forgot to bring this topic to meta before retagging the aforementioned question as . Based on the outcome of this discussion, I'll either rollback or re-edit or leave it alone.

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"Tree-care" is a good tag, but I think it's suitable for general tree care questions. In my opinion, the thinning fruit question is specific to fruit trees and growing fruit as well as a general tree care question. In this case, maybe instead of the tag "fruit-thinning", two tags should be used: "tree-care" and "fruit-care" or something similar.

  • yes, fruit-care is a good idea! Commented Jun 9, 2011 at 20:11

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