Currently the tag is mostly associated with "Onions", a bulb vegetable that is strictly speaking a subset of "Root Vegetables".

Personally when I think of in a gardening context, the first thing that comes to mind is Springtime bulbs (flowers):

  • Crocus.

  • Daffodils.

  • Tulips.

And other flowering plants like:

  • Iris.

  • Lilies.

  • Daylilies.

Personally I think the tag would be better served if it was associated with flowering type plants (as per above).

Additionally it might be worthwhile to make "bulb-vegetables" a synonym of

Q. What are other peoples thoughts on this, do you agree or disagree?

Q. Is there a better way of handling these kind of conflicts?

Back story to the above can be found here (within The Garden Shed)

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The onion is a bulb - as is garlic, wild onion (not all of which are edible, so are these your springtime bulbs?), etc. There are quite a few edible plants grown as ornamentals and vice versa.

There are going to be lots of these potentially ambiguous classifications. I think you're over complicating matters.

if you really want to divide bulbs up, then what about bulbs-flowering, and bulbs-edible? Someone growing wild onions or garlic, or wishing to eat their daffodil flowers will have decide what to do when the time comes (if it ever does!).

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    I agree and I'm not saying an onion isn't a bulb. The point of my question is, I believe (rightly or wrongly) most people think Springtime flowers (flowering plants) when "bulbs" are mentioned in a gardening context...
    – Mike Perry
    Commented Aug 30, 2011 at 17:37

Just remove the tag bulbs and add tag onion/shallot/whatevertheyare and tag Allium because most onion/garlic thing are under the genus Allium

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