We have a lot of questions now, and I wonder: would it would be useful to retag these with the identified plant/pest/disease when this has been determined?

For example, this question about identifying a vine might be retagged if the first (and currently only) answer turns out to be correct.

My thinking is that, if you've got some idea of what your plant/pest/disease might be and you're googling for help in making a positive identification, you might find one of these questions and have it answer your question.

(The same line of thinking goes for questions too.)


Tagging is used primarily to catalog what a question is about. If an answer makes the original question relevant to another category (in this case, Morning Glories), then it should be tagged as such.

I know it seems a bit extraneous, but if a question turns out to be about Morning Glories, it should be cataloged as such.

  • i've edited the Tag Wiki accordingly Jun 28 '11 at 11:36

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