We have a lot of questions now, and I wonder: would it would be useful to retag these with the identified plant/pest/disease when this has been determined?

For example, this question about identifying a vine might be retagged if the first (and currently only) answer turns out to be correct.

My thinking is that, if you've got some idea of what your plant/pest/disease might be and you're googling for help in making a positive identification, you might find one of these questions and have it answer your question.

(The same line of thinking goes for questions too.)

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Tagging is used primarily to catalog what a question is about. If an answer makes the original question relevant to another category (in this case, Morning Glories), then it should be tagged as such.

I know it seems a bit extraneous, but if a question turns out to be about Morning Glories, it should be cataloged as such.

  • i've edited the Tag Wiki accordingly Commented Jun 28, 2011 at 11:36

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